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Video of MD-80 Lightning Strike

Great lightning strike video taken by a window passenger in an MD-80 leaving Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Lightning appears to have initially attached to the right wing and nose. As the aircraft moves forward the lightning channel on the wing moves towards the tail. The lightning attachment to the nose sweeps aft and under the right wing, causing the aircraft to bounce. Take a look a the video and the still...

Boeing 787 Replacing Lightning Protection Sealant in Wing

Boeing is working hard to complete the certification effort on the new 787 aircraft. In Seattle, the employees are trying to fix several last minute issues. As described in the following Seattle Times report, Boeing is removing and reinstalling sealant that is used to prevent lightning generated sparks in the fuel tank. This will be a time consuming and messy process. Read the article at the link below....

Rare Positive Lightning Strike Destroys Home

Roughly 90% of all lightning strike are transferring negative charge from the cloud to ground. So a positive lightning strike (moving positive charge from the cloud to ground) is a rare occurrence. Positive lightning strikes tend to be generated by severe thunderstorms and contain much higher peak currents and charge transfers. On March 31, a big positive lightning strike hit a home in Burningtown, NC. The strike ignited the structure and it burned to the ground. Luckily the resident escaped without harm. See the news article here:...

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