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Lightning During Snow Storms

It doesn’t happen often but lightning can occur during snow storms. As seen in this video from Bangor, Northern Ireland, there were numerous lightning strikes during a sizable snow storm. It doesn’t matter if it summer or winter, if you hear thunder it is time to get...

Lightning Strike Takes Out Transformer

The following video highlights the effect lightning strikes can have on the power grid. A lightning strike occurs in the far distance causing lightning voltages and currents to travel down the power lines. Eventually the lightning finds a weak point and takes out a nearby power pole transformer. What an explosion! Now you know why your lights go out during thunderstorm...

Lightning Strikes to Yosemite’s Half Dome

Check out this video from National Geographic re-enacting a lightning strike which seriously injured 5 hikers while climbing Half Dome. Climbing high peaks during a lightning storm is serious business. If you feel your skin tingle and the hair stand on end you need to get to safety...

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