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FAA proposes $687,500 penalty for damaged radome

The FAA alleges that Delta Airlines failed to repair a “chip” in the nose radome of a B737 after an FAA inspector observed the damage. The structural repair manual requires the airline to seal the damage before further flight. Delta flew the damaged radome for several days before correcting the issue. Thee FAA is now proposing a civil penalty of $687,500 for the infraction. Read the full details here:...

Lightning blows out SUV tires and window

An interesting video from Middle Valley, Tennessee where lightning struck a large tree in a residential neighborhood. The lightning eventually reached the ground and traveled through a nearby SUV. The lightning currents blew out two the SUV’s tires and exploded the back window. See the video here:...

Boeing 737 hit by lightning, loses communication with ATC

An interesting story from India where a Boeing 737 was struck on approach to Mumbai. At approximately 12,000 ft the aircraft was struck by lightning which caused a total loss of radio communications. The pilots were able to use their transponder to convey the loss radios to air traffic control. An emergency was declared by ATC and the 737 was able to land without further incident. Read the full article here:...

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