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Giant jet lightning recorded in China

Jet lightning is a recently identified electrical discharge from the tops of thunderstorms. Unlike typical lightning, these jets push electrical charge into the upper atmosphere. Scientists across the globe have been capturing these unique events. Recently, scientists in China recorded a “giant” jet that reached 44 miles above the tops of the storm clouds. This is an astounding electrical discharge. Scientist will continue to study these events as they are part of mechanism of how electrical charge is moved around the earth. Read more about this discovery at:...

Another Boeing 757 Nose Radome Lightning Puncture

The Boeing 757 nose radome has experienced several lightning punctures since entering into commercial service in 1983. A picture of the typical damage is shown below. This radome was designed and certified to earlier FAA lightning requirements that utilized ground-based lightning strike data to create an inflight lightning environment. This led to the metal bar lightning diverters on the side of the radome being too short to protect the radome from some inflight lightning events. Several radome manufacturers, such as NORDAM and Saint-Gobain, offer STC’d radomes that utilize a combination of metal bar diverters and segmented lightning diverters that offers better lightning protection. The questions remains if the current operators of the 757 will update to the better protect radomes. Click Here to view the...

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