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Your aircraft is your business; flying the world to deliver goods, move people, and reach out to new opportunities. Segmented lightning diverters are the last thing you should worry about. Standard segmented diverters wear out in rain. They require constant maintenance, costing you time and money. WXGuard Lightning Diverters are designed to withstand rain erosion and are a direct replacement for your current radome lightning diverters.

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Introducing our Newest Product Designed Specifically for Fuselage Mounted SATCOM Radomes

30% thinner
30% Thinner
Reduced RF cross-section
Reduced RF CrOss-Section
Great lightning protection
Great Lightning Protection
Available with 3M VHB adhesive
Available with 3M VHB Adhesive
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Design Info

WXGuard Lightning Diverters are designed to replace your existing lightning diverters and are available in your choice of four segment shapes:

Thin oval diverter shape
Oval diverter shape
Large round diverter shape
Small round diverter shape
Four termination types are available to match your installation. The Type 10D and 14D terminations are a low-profile design for #10 and 1/4″ 100 degree flat head screws, and the 10F termination accommodates #10 round head screws. The EDG termination provides the easiest installation option by allowing the diverter to be installed directly adjacent to a termination fastener or other grounded structure.
Type 10D dimpled washer terminationType 14D dimpled washer termination
Type 10F Thru-Hole terminationType EDG Cut Edge termination

WXGuard segmented lightning diverters are available in custom lengths up to 45 inches long and can be abutted to achieve longer total lengths. The standard diverter width is 0.4 inches.WXGuard diverters can be applied using commercially available structural adhesives. WXGuard diverters can also be ordered with 3M VHB tape for easy installation.


Several years of tests have proven that the WXGuard segmented lightning diverters with gold segments & superior substrate material withstand the most extreme environments, thus ensuring that these new diverters will lower operating costs and extend the life of your radome. Testing included:

wind-icon-dark-blue Zone 1A High Current Lightning
wind-icon-dark-blue RF Transmissivity
wind-icon-dark-blue Zone 1A High Voltage Lightning
wind-icon-dark-blue Bonding Adhesion
wind-icon-dark-blue Simulated Rain Erosion
wind-icon-dark-blue Extreme Temperatures


I appreciate your taking the time to become acquainted with the WXGuard product line. I attribute our success to the quality of our relationships with our customers and our global supply chain. We are proud to be a registered ISO 9001:2008 company. Since 1984, our ongoing continuous improvement program has allowed us to pass along to our customers cost effective innovations, making Shine the supplier of choice.

Greg Shine

President, SHINE

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Rain Erosion Causes Aircraft Lightning Diverter Failure. Is it Preventable?

Rain erosion is a common cause of aircraft lightning diverter failure, risking damage to the planes they’re supposed to protect. But, is this preventable? What can airplane owners do to protect themselves? Why Most Aircraft Lightning Diverters Fail: Rain Erosion Lightning diverters have a big job to do: they are expected to protect sensitive radar equipment on the front of an aircraft traveling hundreds of miles per hour in all weather conditions. They have to be light, thin, and aerodynamic. And, they have to divert up to one billion volts and up to 250,000 amps. YIKES. Yet, Aircraft Lightning Diverter Failure is NOT Usually Due to Lightning Itself. The numerous lightning diverter strips on the radome of a plane will be abused by rain, snow and sleet at hundreds of miles per hour. It’s an extreme environment, one that demands superior craftsmanship and materials to even stand a chance. Preventing failure of aircraft lightning protection is simple: buy the highest-quality protection available, from a company that is passionate about protecting your aircraft: WXGuard. Rain Simulations Show That Low-Quality Diverters Erode–and Fail– Quickly. Our WXGuard Diverters have drastically superior resistance to rain erosion. WXGuard lightning diverters didn’t just outperform standard diverters in rain erosion simulations, they crushed them. We have the data to prove it, from research commissioned at the University of Limerick. The photo above shows clearly that the manufacturing process and the quality of materials is critical in protecting aircraft from lightning strikes. What every fleet operator needs is simple: his or her planes in the air, generating revenue by moving people and cargo. The Lightning Diverter Can...

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