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Norwegian Crown Prince’s Aircraft Struck!

Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon’s aircraft was struck while on a routine flight between Amsterdam and Oslo. See the translated news report below: A lightning bolt struck Sunday afternoon the Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon aircraft on a flight between Amsterdam and Oslo. “I can confirm the that the plane was stricken out of the lightning. Make Saws Fighters were informed, and the aircraft is now was tjekket. The regular routine after such an episode,” udtaler flyselskabet KLM’s spokesman, Saskia Kranenbomk to Dagbladet.no. According to the newspaper lightning struck the plane of the second half of the route, but spokesperson assures, that episode was dramatic, and the plane landed planmæssigt at 13:15. Court confirms In the Norwegian royal family confirms one, that the Crown Prince was part of the lightning struck aircraft. “I can confirm the that the Crown Prince was aboard the pågældende aircraft,” it sounds so from the court assistant kommunikationschef, Sven Gjeruld Gjeruldsen, which also afdramatiserer episode: “Situation was quite dramatic – it is such, something which happens. ” Crown Princess Mette-Marit was not on the...