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New Video: Aircraft Struck Multiple Times

Great video taken by a passenger which shows two separate lightning attachments to the wing followed by leaders emanating from the wing.
See the video and still shots below:

Triple Strike, 14 seconds 01

First Strike!!!

Triple Strike, 14 seconds 02

First strike hanging-on to trailing edge.

Triple Strike, 14 seconds 03

Second Strike – Great image of lightning channel sweeping aft as the aircraft moves forwards!

Triple Strike, 14 seconds 04

Second Strike – Lightning channel shown at top of this image has likely attached to the aircraft nose.

Triple Strike, 14 seconds 05

Second Strike – Lightning channel still glowing.

Triple Strike, 14 seconds 06

“Third” Strike – Leader Formation

“Third” Strike – This is a good picture of leader formation from the wing due to the strong electric fields around the airplane as it flies near a thunderstorm. This is not a “lightning strike” because a single hot channel does not form which indicates charge is being transferred from the clouds.

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