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Another 737 Radome Strike

A 737-800 was recently struck while flying between Cypress and Turkey. It appears from the photo below that the radome was hit by lightning. The metal bar diverter on the side of the radome is darkened and, with the mechanics looking under the radome, there is likely radome damage.

Metal bar diverters, such as those used on the 737, are not designed to withstand large strikes without damage. When the bars are damaged they need maintenance before the aircraft can fly again. So, if metal bars require maintenance after lightning, and the fasteners holding the bars on the radome cause water damage to the radome, why do aircraft manufacturers continue to use them?

WXGuard lightning diverters do not require fasteners and are lighter and more aerodynamic than metal bar diverters. Plus, WXGuard diverters are RF transparent.

The choice is clear. WXGuard lightning diverters are the future of radome lightning protection.

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Pegasus 737-800 struck between Cypress and Turkey

737-800 Radome Strike